Customized Service

We use our product development know-how and technology to work with customers to realize their concepts and ideas for new products.

On the basis of rigorous quality control under the FSSC22000 international standard for food safety management systems, we provide a comprehensive service for customers’ customized products with guaranteed quality in each process from product design to prototyping and full production. We also offer bulk shipment.

  • Contact/Inquiries

    (1) Contact/Inquiries

    Feel free to contact us with any questions.

  • Meeting

    (2) Meeting

    We will consider your product specifications, package design, delivery date, production volume, and other details.

  • Estimate

    (3) Estimate

    We will provide an estimate of the costs on the basis of conditions determined in the meeting.

  • Product development

    (4) Product development

    Sake quality and product design are set through ongoing discussions with the customer.

  • Product Approval

    (5) Product Approval

    Once the specifications are finalized, final approval is obtained, and an order is placed.

  • Production

    (6) Production

    Products are manufactured in line with the specifications. We ship these after a thorough quality inspection. For bulk orders, a quality representative from Hakutsuru will visit the customer’s site for the initial filling to provide technical advice and guidance.


Hakutsuru Sake of America, Inc.