Privacy Policy

Legal Compliance

Hakutsuru SAKE Brewing Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Hakutsuru) complies with laws and regulations, etc., as well as social norms, with regard to the protection of personal information,

Collection of Information

Hakutsuru may ask questions of and collect information from individuals that constitute personal information. This is done solely as required for such things as distributing questionnaires, selling via the Internet, sending prizes, samples, or giveaways, or for posting or member registration. When collecting such information we comply with the law in every aspect and make an effort to keep the scope of information collection to the minimum necessary. A person's birth date will be requested as required to prevent underage alcohol consumption. Personal information held by Hakutsuru will be treated with the highest secrecy as a matter of course.

Security of Personal Information

Hakutsuru endeavors to keep the personal information that it holds correct and up-to-date and takes reasonable steps to ensure the security of that personal information by setting up a secure system and managing that system strictly to prevent the loss, leakage, damage or modification of information, or unauthorized access to the information. We also make sure that third party contractors comply with our information security measures.
To ensure that there is no unauthorized use in-house, access to the database containing the personal information held by the company is limited and is managed strictly. The person supervising personal information management is the president, and the person responsible for managing personal information is the chief of the general affairs department. One person in every department in-house is designated as a manager responsible for managing personal information.

Protection, Management and Use of Information

Hakutsuru will only use the personal information that it holds for the purpose stated at the time of its collection, and takes great care to prevent the loss of your rights. We ask for your information in order to carry out questionnaires, sales via the Internet, to send prizes, samples, or giveaways, or for posting, member registration, etc. At such time it is not necessary to answer every question or fill in every item, but some services cannot be used or applicant eligibility requirements cannot be met without answering certain questions or filling in certain items.
When collecting your personal information, you may be asked by Hakutsuru or a third-party contractor to confirm if you wish to receive information from Hakutsuru regarding areas of interest to you by email or other means. If you agree to receive such email, it may be sent to you using your personal information that we have collected. If you wish to stop receiving such email, simply contact Hakutsuru or the third-party contractor and you will quickly be removed from the mailing list.

Information Processing (Subcontracting and Storage)

To make better use of the personal information that we collect, handling of the information may be contracted to an outside company. At such time your personal information will temporarily be stored by the outside company.
Prior to contracting information processing to a third party, Hakutsuru signs a proper agreement with the company specifying that the information be handled in the same way as it is in-house, with strict management.
We engage third party contractors to analyze information, send products and collect monies for the sale of products via the Internet, handle giveaways, conduct surveys, distribute email, etc.

Disclosure, Correction and Deletion of Information

If we receive a request from a person to disclose, correct, or delete his or her personal information, we will do so without delay, according to company rules. At such time, our rules require that the individual making the request provide identification.
It may not be possible to disclose information if doing so might interfere seriously with the business activities of Hakutsuru, or if there is a serious risk that doing so could threaten another customer's life, physical well-being, assets or other interests.

Disclosure and Provision of Information

Hakutsuru will not disclose or provide your personal information to a third party without your consent. We may, however, disclose or provide your personal information without your consent when required by law, and in order to comply with court orders, with law enforcement, or with other government bodies or agencies.
The Hakutsuru website has sections for chat, forums, contests, and sharing one's experiences. Users should be fully aware that any information disclosed by a person in these sections is considered non-confidential information.

Reviewing Our System

Hakutsuru is constantly improving its personal information management system to keep content fresh, to comply with legal revisions, and to provide better service. We value your questions and comments and strive to protect personal information better.
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